TeaPot Origins

In this series of cryptic short tales, we mind travel with Guru Baba Bhalu beyond time and space to a parallel multiverse once he drinks from his mystical teapot.

Teapot Bio

The elephant-looking teapot dissolves the wall between our world and the shrouded realms which are always present but cannot be seen to the untrained eye.

All that is known, is the teapot is infused with various secret minerals with magical elements brewed and formulated by ancient Alchemists in Sambhala. Drinking from it opens an esoteric portal that expands your consciousness to various dimensions and dreamworlds.Bhalu’s journey can be catalysed by Bhalu’s mood, the answers that he seeks, and it can be filtered by experiences and memories from the past or present states.

Bhalu’s Gurus trained him from a child in Yoga practices that opened his seven chakras to allow the power of the universe to flow through him.

Due to this, he acquired special gifts and the ability to enter the unknown realms when he is totally focused. He finds his way into those by entering the middle point between one world and another.Gothy uses neuro-synthesis technology to create an interface app that connects electrodes to Baba Bhalu to fuse with the temple’s main computer to help him track and map Bhalu’s meditative landscape.

Later on, Gothy, while wearing his virtual reality goggles, activates a frequency doorway to join Bhalu in his dreamlike wonderland.

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